Report shows how effective data can reduce teacher workload

Crunched by numbers? What schools can do to reduce the data burden on their staff

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What’s inside this report

Crunched by number? PDF Cover
  • What teachers really think about assessment
  • Why teachers aren’t anti-data – just anti ‘bad’ data practices
  • Three perspectives on how effective data can reduce workload from a MAT, headteacher and a teacher
  • The importance of effective assessment at KS3
  • Top tips from practitioners to reduce teacher workload

Why we created this report

No one connected with education can be in any doubt that excessive teacher workload is a serious problem. Nor is there much mystery over its causes – marking and data issues are the chief culprits, according to the Department for Education.

But what can be done to reduce workload? This report is an attempt to tackle one of the main things that teachers say adds to their in-school burdens – the recording, inputting, monitoring and analysing of data.

The report is in two parts. The first is a survey carried out by pollsters YouGov to determine how much time teachers spend dealing with data, what their attitudes are and how they felt their school is dealing with it. The second looks at how one school in challenging circumstances – Sir Robert Woodard Academy in West Sussex – rethought why and how it did assessments to actually reduce teacher workload.

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