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Why teachers think this year will be challenging and how they are planning to support students

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Supporting secondary school transition in the aftermath of the pandemic

Transition from primary to secondary school is always challenging. But the lingering after-effects of the pandemic and the constant disruptions schools have faced make it especially so this year.

To understand exactly how challenging teachers feel transition is likely to be this autumn, we commissioned pollsters YouGov to ask them. We wanted to discover how teachers believe the pandemic has impacted outgoing Year 6s’ and incoming Year 7s’ academic, social and emotional development, how reliable they think the newly restored Key Stage 2 SATs results are likely to be, and what steps schools are taking to support transition.

This new report contains our findings and features the real-life experiences of several schools and the measures they are putting in place to spot the children who may need additional support to help ensure that they don’t fall behind at the start of their secondary school journey.

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